20 September 2021

Renard Bijoux, everyday emotions

The glazed tomato blushing in the garden, the blown glass bottle containing a twig, the snail roaming in the morning dew, the donkey in gray flannel or the painting palette of designer and illustrator Marin Montagut… Renard’s pendants are figurative, never conceptual. “My work is completely instinctive and must speak for itself,” says Renard. You get a sense of authenticity, rurality (she spends part of her time in Auvergne), the emotions generated by the tiny details of everyday life, and of work done by hand. Everything is made of bronze using the lost wax technique, and always in small series. “From time to time I work together with a ceramist or glassblower using the same approach, and the idea of making a profit doesn’t even come into it.” No wonder that Japan, where I discovered Renard a few years ago in a store in the Ayoama district, is so taken with his work.

  • Véronique Renard founder and designer of Renard Bijoux - "Cherry Winter" pendant in ceramic, bronze and leather - €220

  • Renard Bijoux x Marin Montagut - Pendant "Color palette" in bronze, oil painting and leather link - €155

  • Renard Bijoux - "Cherries winter" pendant in ceramic, bronze and leather link - €220 / "Dandelion" pendant in Boroscilicate glass, bronze and cotton link - €215

  • Renard Bijoux - Animal pendants in felt, bronze and leather link

  • Renard Bijoux - "Bulrush" pendant in wood, bronze and leather - €195

  • Renard Bijoux - "Leaves" oil-painted and varnished pendants

  • Véronique Renard fouder and designer of Renard Bijoux

  • Renard Bijoux - Bottle-pendant in Borosilicate glass, bronze, dried flowers and coton link - €260 / At home

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