29 September 2021

Try out these unwearable jewels – if you dare!

Too big, too fragile, too disturbing, too bulky, too outrageous, too eccentric, too over-the-top… just  too much. That’s what you’ll say when you discover the mask clipped on the nose, the necklace-sculpture swirling around the neck or the metal corals unfolding in the mouth. Our relationship with contemporary and artist’s jewelry remains complex. More akin to manifesto and performance, such pieces currently only appeal to a minority. But borders, codes and symbols are all in the mind – they change and evolve. So who knows what lies ahead?

  • James Merry x Iris van Herpen

  • Daemon Concept -

  • Charity Ridpath -

  • Chia Hsien -

  • Dual Flow -

  • Ruby Mellish -

  • Juanita Care -

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