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In 2016, with my long experience as a journalist, notably at Les Échos – Série Limitée for 17 years, Citizen K and Madame Figaro, I launched the french jewelry post. With digital media dedicated to the worlds of jewelry and watchmaking, it is today an outstanding prescriber with a qualified international audience of collectors, buyers, gallery owners and designers. Communicated further a field through my Instagram community, it also reaches out to a growing new audience.

The reasons for its success? Radically new content that’s alive and unconventional. To break away from the usual categorization of women’s jewelry and watches, I put these objects within a fashion context – which is my other passion and field of expression – and also within historical, geographical and societal perspectives. I involve a variety of highly qualified figures, some often working outside of the mainstream. I recount fascinating and informative background stories, showcase legendary and unique pieces and feature contemporary designers in a fresh and unrestricted way.

the french jewelry post is not only a digital media. As a visibility accelerator and business facilitator, it is the partner of brands. Around an event or a product, I create content such as articles, photo series and videos in the spirit of the french jewelry post. Never with that advertising look, but with the digital advantage of the long-term. One, two or five years later, this content will still remain referenced.

Carefully selected, each partnership is tailored by my team that includes a digital strategy expert, a web producer, photographers, stylists, directors and a specialized translator. And this in confidence, sine qua non. Today, I am proud to have such high quality partners such as Artcurial, l’École des Arts Joailliers, Paris’s Museum of Modern Art and one of the world’s most renowned jewelry collectors.


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Photographic credit: Géraldine Bruneel

Sandrine Merle

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