08 September 2021

The Stamped narrative signet ring

Magda Benmlih offers up a new beautiful interpretation of the signet ring, the genderless jewel par excellence. Her unique model is made of gold or silver-colored steel. “Gold and preciousness are not obsessions of mine”, explains the young woman who works for jewelry brands but also “loved working with Elie Top at Lanvin”, in the glory days of Alber Elbaz. The huge asset of this jewel, with its perfect proportions and rounded corners, is that it is infinitely customizable with a beautifully exquisite engraving, not unlike a tattoo. It can be stamped with your initials, a date, a sentence, a drawing… It’s entirely up to you and takes only 3 weeks. We await with bated breath the next chapter in this story, which only started only 5 months ago. Bring it on!

From €90 @stamped_official

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