09 September 2021

Black gold and synthetic diamonds at DFLY

This very young brand (which uses recycled gold and synthetic diamonds) has taken on designer Philippe Airaud, whose talent is beyond question (he often works in the shadows for major houses). True to his ultra-minimalist style, he works with curves evoking “the traces of the wind in the desert” – an inspiration is reflected in two flagship models: an open necklace and an open ring with a synthetic diamond at each end. They face each other, one emerald cut, the other oval. A neo Toi & Moi, or in the words of Airaud himself, “a face-to-face encounter”. After red, yellow and white gold, this latest version comes in black, matte and charcoal gold. The asymmetrical synthetic stones, set in yellow gold, create luminous counterpoints. Beautiful.

  • DFLY - Ring "Oddity" in black gold, synthetic diamonds and yellow gold

  • DFLY - Bracelet "Oddity" in black gold, synthetic diamonds and yellow gold

  • DFLY - Ring and bracelet "Oddity" in black gold, synthetic diamonds and yellow gold

  • DFLY - Bracelets "Oddity" in black gold, in red gold, in white gold and synthetic diamonds

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