11 October 2021

Tabayer: ultra-light gold

I simply fell in love with Tabayer’s bracelet, with its pure form and powerful volume, paved with diamonds that seem almost strewn at random. I was also surprised by its extreme lightness – to the point of wondering if it was really gold at all. “It’s hollowed out, with walls of varying thicknesses depending on their location, the aim being to find the ideal weight, making it super-comfortable to wear. That would have been impossible with solid gold,” explains the young founder of Tabayer Nigora Tokhtabayeva. Other designers (like Lauren Rubinski) have adopted this “trick” associated with affordable jewelry brands like Histoire d’Or and Maty. What a great idea – and one that marks the shattering of yet another taboo: here too, borders are shifting and minds opening up. With the price of gold reaching new highs – between 35 and 50 euros per gram, and higher still for fairmined gold (as in this piece) – this approach is likely to be a trendsetter.

  • Tabayer - "Oera" bracelet in Fairmined gold and diamonds

  • Tabayer - "Oera" pendant in Fairmined gold and diamonds

  • Tabayer - "Oera" earrings in Fairmined gold and diamonds

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