13 June 2016


Here are 12 jewelry pieces from Bulgari’s High Jewelry collection, presented a few days ago in Monaco. Entitled “Magnificent Inspirations”, it includes 300 pieces with the most outstanding reaching €12 million. They portrait the codes of the house like the snake and the Diva or Parentesi designs, in mixtures of colored stones. Magnificent and dazzling.

  • Necklace made of platinum, diamonds and seven Colombian emeralds (56.4 ct) - Bulgari

  • Earrings made of white gold, brilliant-cut diamonds, coral and diamonds - Bulgari

  • Necklace made of pink gold, coral, three emerald beads, diamonds and an antique coin - Bulgari

  • Necklace made of white gold, emeralds, sapphire beads (11.20 ct) and diamonds - Bulgari

  • Necklace made of pink gold, 6 cabochon-cut amethysts (120.71 ct), 15 turquoise beads (23.62 ct) and diamonds - Bulgari

  • Bracelet made of pink gold, mother-of-pearl and diamonds - Bulgari

  • Bracelet made of pink gold, diamonds and malachite - Bulgari

  • Earrings made of white gold, diamonds and 140 cabochon-cut sapphires (7.45 ct) - Bulgari

  • Ring made of white gold, diamonds and emeralds - Bulgari

  • Earrings made of pink gold, diamonds, amethysts and pear-shaped emeralds - Bulgari

  • Pendant made of pink gold, diamonds (13.07 ct) and malachite - Bulgari

  • Necklace made of platinum, 12 marquise-cut diamonds (9.54 ct), 28 emeralds (35.42 ct) and diamonds (11.03 ct) - Bulgari

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