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17 November 2018

Where to buy hoop earrings?

Hoop earrings in varying sizes are a jewelry classic, and the most popular type of earring with teenagers. Here are a few stores and sites with a wealth of choices.



Histoire d’Or

This is one of the best brand stores, with an endless variety of very simple items in yellow gold, gold plate and silver. It has sophisticated and basic models alike, with twisted, plated, chased and ethnic-style openwork effects. The e-shop features 645 references starting at €15.


Maya Jewelry

American designer Corey Lolley of Maya Jewelry has made hoop earrings her specialty. Since 2006, she has been offering models in silver, rose and yellow gold, copper and brass. Their openwork, cut-out, spiral, chased and barbed wire motifs are inspired by street wear, piercings and tribal tattoos; fans include Beyonce, Jada Pinkett Smith and Zoe Kravitz.



Maty is part of France’s history. Despite the all-pervading Internet, thousands of copies of its catalogue are still published, featuring 100 basic forms and variants, which can be square, openwork or set with small diamonds. On the e-shop: 131 models ranging from €19 for a pair of gold-plated mini-hoop earrings to €2,590 for models with diamonds and emeralds.


Atelier Paulin

Atelier Paulin’s expertise consists of tracing a word to form a piece of jewellery in sculpted metal wire. The principle works with bracelets, fibulas, pendants and of course hoop earrings, which are also sold singly. Customers can feature their own message or word: anything goes! And for those who can get to a retail store, the craftsman can make an item on the spot. Prices start at €140. Words can be personalized.

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