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23 June 2020

The jewelry tips of Marie-Anne Bruschi, Re-voir Paris

The top tips of Marie-Anne Bruschi, founder of the Re-voir Paris website.



Sandrine Merle. Re-voir Paris offers us a chance to discover a city that’s still secret, authentic and poetic. Do jewelry shops form part of that vision?

Marie-Anne Bruschi. Yes! I particularly like those boutiques with facades at jaunty angles, their windows filled with bracelets, watches, necklaces, and rings that are incredible and ordinary by turns. They’re real miniature museums which I like to take photos of because one day they’ll disappear, just like the cafés.


S.M. You’re also mad about flea markets. What sort of jewelry do you go searching for?

M.-A.B. It’s rarely about the monetary value. I like jewelry that surprises me or moves me, what matters is the spark of entertainment, humor or poetry. It must speak to the little girl within me! I love the most kitschy colored plastic from the 70/80’s, including ear clips and brooches that can to set off a coat just by themselves!


S.M. But you don’t wear that kind of thing!

M.-A.B. Wearing them is something else! I prefer them discreet, like those of 5 OCTOBRE or Pascale Monvoisin, whose pendant I never take off. I completely forget about it, it merges with my beauty spots.


S.M. What are your favorite jewelry addresses?

Pascale Monvoisin

Her jewels are often described as “talismanic”, I prefer the word “endearing”. The adjective also fits this designer. In hammered gold, bakelite, turquoise, diamond… they are like so many kept promises, words of love received or whispered to others. They talk about us, about you. I really like her starry “Varda” collection created for the tenth anniversary and I can’t wait to discover her second boutique in Paris, rue du Mont Thabor.

25, rue de l’Annonciation – Paris 16th


BOF (Boucles d’Oreilles Fantaisie) 

Launched by Marion Malabre, the e-shop BOF brings together all her favorite pieces. She puts them on stage to prove that you can make a  statement with earrings if the outfit is understated enough. Online, there are no more than five labels promoting slow fashion with models in polymer clay, recycled plexi or colored metal at affordable prices, handmade and in limited series. My favorite: the graphic B.O.s in laser-cut plexiglass graphics from Studio Sophie Tam, a Franco-Chinese artist couple who trained at the Beaux-Arts de Paris.



Glasses, scooter, crayfish… It was her funny brass badges gilded with fine gold and enameled in all colors that made Séverine Balanqueux her name. Her series of finely gilded badges is inspired by our favorite icons: Basquiat, Bowie or Camille Claudel. They are displayed alongside engraved badges by Jane and Serge. All of them are hand-made in France.

29, rue des Gravilliers – Paris 3th



To enter this jewelry gallery, André Breton’s gallery in the 1930s, is like stepping into a timewarp. Like a cabinet of curiosity, the shop is a gateway to a dreamworld. Sophie Pfeiffer’s talismanic fine and delicate jewelry mixes raw and precious materials, modernity and Antiquity under an effusion of gems in subtle colors.


French Touche

In her concept-boutique in the Batignolles district, Valérie Fleurent-Didier brings together “touching objects”, not widely distributed and made in France wherever possible. Her choice is effective: an enameled medallion of Trois Petits Points, a bracelet interlaced with a silk ribbon from AN-NEE Paris, sculptural earrings by Helmut Paris, a bracelet by Alix D. Reynis. And the jewelry of Pagil Blaja in lacquer and gold leaf (whose designer, Julie Thibout, developed the lacquer and horn of Hermès collections) made in a family workshop in Vietnam.

90, rue Legendre – Paris 17th


Coquilles Vides

I like jewelry that speaks its mind like Bérangère’s. One day while eating shellfish, she said to herself “It’s crazy not to do anything with all those empty shells”! At the height of the cowrie trend, she showed that there were also some very beautiful examples in France: mussels, oysters, knives, whelks, scallops recovered, were sanded and gilded with gold leaf in a Parisian workshop to become earrings and necklaces.

Shop on Instagram @coquillesvides



I discovered AnneliseMichelson’s jewels in her first temporary address in the Haut-Marais, decorated by Mathias Kiss. I fell in love with her cable bracelets and her sculptural earrings. I got why Beyoncé and Lady Gaga were crazy about them! She now welcomes visitors to her 11th floor salon-studio – the perfect secret hideaway for those who want to immerse themselves in her universe.

On appointment only :

Portrait © Céline Saby

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