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25 November 2018

Where can you customize jewelry?

Customizing jewelry and owning a unique piece where you have chosen the material, the stone and even the design is an option provided by an ever-growing number of brands. Here are some of them.


Atelier Paulin

The principle underlying the work of Atelier Paulin, launched in 2014, consists of writing words to form jewelry in gold or silver wire. Every customer can express their emotion, convey a message or celebrate a favorite first name on bracelets, hoop earrings fibulas and pendants. For those who can get to a retail store, the craftsman can make an item on the spot. Prices according to the number of letters and type of gold wire. Count €140 for the AMOUR bracelet, €215 for the LOVE pendant.



Gripoix is a glass paste specialist. The company can customize four types of signet ring in transparent, opaque or translucent glass paste, with a choice of 120 different shades. Gripoix has made this material its specialty. It was originally used to imitate precious stones like amethysts and emerald s. The company used to make costume jewelry sets for Sarah Bernhardt, and later jewelry for Paul Poiret and Worth. It is mainly known for its long and fruitful collaboration with Chanel, which lasted until the 1990s. From €170.



You can now customize jewelry with this goldsmith, famous for its “barbarian Byzantine” style. The company has worked for Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Balenciaga and above all Chanel, the company that now owns it. It offers three ring models (“Stone”, “Mini Stone” and “Cabochon”), for which you can choose the precious stones and the metal for the mount. You can also have its “Boucle” bracelet made in two widths and three finishes, and have it engraved in three styles of script. From €230.



Banner image: Atelier Paulin

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