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07 October 2023

My “Parcours Bijoux 2023”

October in Paris: here are a few tips for you to expore “Parcours Bijoux 2023” exhibitions. This 4th event promises to be as intriguing as it is exciting.

By Sandrine Merle.



From October 2nd to 29th, 2023, Parcours Bijoux (organized by volunteers from the association “D’un Bijou à L’Autre”) features nearly 50 exhibitions, mostly located within the city of Paris. A few are monographic (Marta Dobrynina, Anna Gnà Gunnarsdòttir, Valérie Hangel, …), but most are dedicated to groups.


Meeting the artists

Despite the importance of high jewelry in our country, France also plays a significant role in the world of designer jewelry, artists, and avant-gardists, etc. This Parcours Bijoux showcases essential figures like Thierry Vendome (the son of Jean), Agate Saint Girons, Ute Decker, Marianne Anselin, Claire Wolfstirn, Andréa Piñeros, and Brune Boyer. And then there are future stars of the sector, especially students from the École Boulle and those from the Haute École des Arts du Rhin (Strasbourg). Meanwhile, the international scene is represented by Koreans, South Africans, Swedes, Spaniards, and less predictably, Mexicans.


Exploring the aims of the sector

For the uninitiated, avant-garde jewelry does not focus primarily on wearability; it’s often unconventional, even quirky. But it always carries a message, pushes back boundaries, and makes you re-evaluate your ideas of what is beautiful, precious, and indeed ordinary, as in the case of by “Precious Paper” or “Matière à bijou… la terre.” It puts today’s world into perspective. In “Identité.s” and “Traces,” it explores the notions of lineage, memory, and transmission… and yet there’s no shortage of humor and attitude.


Questions about contemporary jewelry

Discover contemporary jewelry in the exhibition “Hair and Hairs”


Let yourself be guided by the exhibition titles

The titles given to each exhibition are nothing short of intriguing and inspiring! We loved “Le Voyage Amical,” “Bling Ring,” or “Pendant que je me tiens à distance.” “Kyeol: au-delà du fin et du rugueux” immediately transports you into the ultra-refined Korean aesthetic, while “Chimiquement Citronné” and “Marabout, bout de ficelle…” are simply irresistible! And then your curiosity will inevitably be aroused by “Alma Matter,” “Rencontre dans un monde Mumbo Jumbo,” and “So different to sit alone.”


Rediscover Paris through Parcours Bijoux

The city provides a unique setting. Start on the Left Bank of the Seine, follow the embankment to Saint-Germain and the Cipango, Gimpel, and Muller galleries. Then cross the river to the Marais, where you’ll find the Swedish Institute, among other things. It’s a beautiful place, well worth stopping for a coffee to enjoy the view… Next, head towards the Bastille via Rue du Pont aux Choux, Rue Saint Gilles and Rue Elzévir. Meanwhile, the 11th and 20th arrondissements also feature plenty of exhibitions. Continue towards the gardens of Belleville… and even though “Precious Paper” is located in Malakoff, don’t miss it: the place is amazing, and the exhibition is one of the highlights of this year’s event.


To discover all the exhibitions, click here.

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