“The Crown Jewels”, the first Masterclass at The School of Jewelry Arts

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The Masterclass is an intensive 2-day course. Designed in close collaboration with the Objets d’art department of the Louvre museum, the class focuses on the Crown Jewels, a collection that once belonged to the French monarchy.


In a mix of theory and practice, the first day is spent at The School of Jewelry Arts, offering an opportunity to explore the fascinating and eventful history of this collection and to study the extraordinary stones that comprise it, thanks in particular to gemology workshops. The second day is spent in the newly renovated Galerie d’Apollon. And in an unheard of luxury, as the Louvre Museum is closed, you will be alone with the lecturer!


In French translated in English


“The Crown Jewels” Masterclass on March 2nd ans 3rd at The School of Jewelry Arts and at the Louvre Museum.


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