Course: “The art of Jean Vendome: avant-garde jewelry?”

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On the occasion of the “Jean Vendome Artist Jeweler” exhibition The School of Jewelry Arts offers combined private visits + classes, in very small groups. One of the 6 themes, entitled “Jean Vendome: an avant-garde jewelry”, provides keys to understanding this singular and audacious style born in the 60s.


Until December 18th 2020 at The School of Jewelry Arts 31 rue Danielle Casanova – Paris 1st


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Jean Vendome, a pioneer of contemporary jewelry 

My favorites

Exhibition: "Jean Vendome Artist Jeweler"

« Jean Vendome Artist Jeweler » : don’t miss the (free) private visits of the exhibition at The School of Jewelry Arts.

"Crescent" bracelet, Minas

As most of the Minas jewelry, this bracelet is genderless. His sensual beauty lies in his simple and fluid lines.

"Alis" single stud, Myrto Anastasopoulou

Perfectly in tune with our times, the earrings pastel tutti-frutti of Myrto Anastasopoulou are sold individually. 

"Amalgama" earrings, Ioanna Souflia

The work of the Greek designer Ioanna Souflia is unique: she sculpts prestigious Thassos marble into jewelry, thus harking back to the monumental works of...

Christina Soubli mini hoops

Christina Soubli has inherited a fabulous tradition of Greek jewelry involving masterpieces of silverwork. She mainly focuses on the age-old tradition of...

Square ring, Christina Soubli

The Greek designer Christina Soubli tirelessly declines the filigree, her favorite technique. She shapes the thread in the round, triangle or square as on...